Budget 2012-13 :- T.D.S. Provisions Amendment


Hi friends,

As i have earlier announce that i am back to blog writing, so in continuation to that i here by come up with the basic exemption limit for the A.Y.2013-14 for the individuals which has been recently enhanced by this budget.

Now friends i am here by coming up with the T.D.S. provisions amendment, which is more complex & same as look like its name tedious.

Section 193 T.D.S. from payment of interest on debenture

1. No TDS for interest payment to resident HUF

2. Even if debenture are not listed, with holding tax exemption would apply to debenture issued by a company in which public are substantially interested.

3. Exemption limit has been increase from Rs.2500 to Rs.5000

So friends this is something about TDS as i am in hurry to take dinner so will write much more next time keep reading.